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Right from the start, ThinkTank IT impressed us with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but gave us the results we were looking for. We needed an IT company that would be able to provide a flexible personal touch allowing our business to continue to grow without all of the “pains”. Their personalized service plan has helped increase productivity, saving us both time and money.

The professionals at Thinktank are knowledgeable and experienced in the IT industry. We can always trust them to provide creative & dependable solutions with the highest quality products to resolve our technology problems. Thinktank IT really understands the needs of our business and continues to provide solutions to improve our overall network on a daily basis.

Arrow Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.

What I like best is that I don't have to think about the problem...I just call you and it's taken care of promptly and always with a smile! Gary, our accounts manager, is terrific! He always explains the problem and solutions in easy-to-understand language for those of us who are electronically challenged. And what can I say about Mike? We love him! He's always there for us and his suggestions for improvements has increased our efficiency greatly. ThinkTankIT is responsive and effective! We're glad you're here...could not get by without you!

Pat Beckett
Children’s Center

Think Tank’s staff is very knowledgeable and conscientious. We have an appropriately designed network system that is well maintained. Any unforeseen problems are handled quickly, with much resolution remotely, or over the phone. When onsite assistance is required, their service techs are friendly, helpful, and mindful of our scheduling needs. If network down-time is necessary it is always done with minimum impact on our office staff. Well done team!

Silkcraft of Oregon

ThinkTankIT has been a great IT partner for our firm. Not only is their service very good and friendly, but Mike has given us good information as to what telecom or cable provider is providing the best service and prices as our needs change. However, for all the help they gave us when things were going well, the best thing about Mike and Shelly is that they have worked with us as the economy soured, and we had to do some contraction. They offered to adjust their rates to us without my requesting it and in general, I have always felt they looked out for our best interests, no matter how that may have impacted their immediate business needs.

Tom Sisul, President
Sisul Enterprises, Inc.

I have been working with Mike at Think Tank IT since the beginning. We were a small company with 4 computers and I was trying to manage the Business and IT myself and it was becoming a problem. As with most small companies, the computers were the end that suffered. We were not a big enough company for me to hire my own IT person, and the computer stores I had been using had “Tech’s” but did not have one person assigned to my company that knew our set up. Instead, someone different would come out each time, and each time our system configuration would change. Every computer was different and there was no networking at all.

I knew Mike as one of those “Tech’s”, but he was definitely different. He spoke my language, instead of expecting me to understand his. Mike also ALWAYS asked questions, not to find out what my configuration was, but to find out what the end result was that I was looking for. Then before he would make any changes, he would show me what changes we could implement that move us in the direction of the End goal and still staying inside our cost restraints.

When the company Mike worked for went out of business I immediately suggested he start his own and I would be his first client. I was sold on his professionalism and passion. How refreshing it was to work with someone who understood we were a small business that needed to become a large business and had the foresight to merge those two concepts together cost effectively. Their foresight took my first company from one local office with 15 employees to 7 offices across the state of Washington with a high point of 150 employees. Their ability to see what our future technology needs would be was key to the success of the company. As we grew, Think Tank IT grew, but has never lost the basics that make it a great company. I no longer work for the first company, but have started my own small business, and rely on Think Tank IT to help my new business emerge with the latest and greatest technology and foresight.

ThinkTankIT IT has emerged and become a strong industry leader. They have been providing my companies with the following key services since 2002:
• The ability to build my company a great “clock” without me having to know how it works.
• Keep cost as a priority in the growth.
• Allow growth that puts us on the cutting edge of what technology has to offer.
• Great response time, well planned and executed project management and problem solving.
• Immediate emergency response times.

The success of any company comes from the team of associates they use to move their business forward, from ever more important Technology to Finance and Risk Management. Our company’s success is because of the great team we have on board; ThinkTankIT is a Key member of our team and has been instrumental in setting the standard for the rest.

Teresa Reisch
Phoenix Excavating

It’s been smooth sailing since we switched to ThinkTankIT for our IT services. We like the fact that they keep you informed and they don’t use too much computer talk that we can’t understand. It’s been a good experience and we have less disruptions than we had before ThinkTankIT.

Dennis Gish
Columbia Title

Here are the things I appreciate most about ThinkTank. They understand our business and thus know how to tailor their services and efforts to achieve thoughtful, effective and efficient results. They have a forward looking perspective, enabling them to anticipate our needs rather than react to circumstances after change has occurred. They are the steady hand that CKA needs in the potentially turbulent environment of technological change.

Alex Hill
Clark Kjos Architects, LLC

The Think Tank team has been a very reliable source for our company. Not only are the staff knowledgeable and courteous but they also offer innovative ideas for streamlining processes at the best possible price. No matter what level of IT understanding we have Think Tank gets us through.

Tracey Wolfe
Holgate Center

As the Executive of a busy Health Care Facility, it is imperative that the staff here have the tools they need to get their jobs done. Think Tank is a part of making sure that happens. They are available to us 24 hours a day. I consider all of them a part of our team, we trust and appreciate their quick and accurate response to any IT issue we may have

September Fray
Holgate Center