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Services and Solutions

Technology is constantly changing and it can be difficult to keep up and determine what technology benefits your particular business or industry. ThinkTankIT is constantly reviewing and evaluating technology solutions as they emerge and can be your trusted advisor in guiding you towards the services and solutions that meet the needs of your business or industry.


Virtualization/Private Cloud

Virtualization technology can significantly lower capital expenditure costs for server and storage hardware, increase performance and protect your data. ThinkTankIT specializes in private cloud virtualization and can put this to work for your business efficiently and affordably.


Public Cloud

Provide messaging and collaboration tools to unite your employees across the hall or across the continent! ThinkTankIT has key partnerships with some of the world’s largest cloud solution providers and the expertise and experience to help your business join the cloud revolution!


Network Design, Implementation and Administration

ThinkTankIT can design your network based on the performance and reliability needs of your business. Propose, configure and install the appropriate hardware and software to meet those needs and then manage it all 24x7x365 so your investment continues to run at peak efficiency and provides the platform for your employees to be productive and for your business to be profitable.


Business Continuity and Security

ThinkTankIT can provide all of the tools necessary to keep your network safe and your information available, so no matter what obstacle comes your way, Mother Nature, human error or malicious code, your information and systems are accessible and your business is operational.



Need a solution to a business problem? We can help identify and implement a wide variety of industry and purpose specific solutions. Paperless office – document management, accounting, HR, scheduling or whatever the need may be. We also have partners in the Telecom, High/Low voltage cabling, web design industries that we can work with to achieve your end goal.