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Unfortunately disasters do occur, including random unpreventable hardware failures. However, many things can be done to ensure that you can return to your normal business processes quickly with little to no data loss. The key to this is to eliminate the single point of failure environment- such as a computer with a single hard drive housing your data. If that hard drive were to fail, all of your data would be lost with it. Devices such as external backup drives can be used to maintain copies of your data and can even be taken off-site in case of major disasters. Online backup facilities are available to store your precious data and allow for business continuity in the vent of a major disaster. RAID arrays can be used within computers to allow one and sometimes two hard drives to fail at the same time without losing data or even halting the computer itself. Imaging technology is also available, to take periodic snapshots of a computer allowing you to restore to specific points in case of a disaster. Images do not replace data backups, but eliminate a large portion of the time required to rebuild a computer system when disaster strikes. This allows us to get the system back to you as quickly as possible and gets you working again.